Dulin's Barnyard Analogy

Down on the Idea Farm

Mr. Dulin’s reknown “Barnyard Analogy” outlines the seven factors required to successfully grow an idea to fruition as an innovative product or service, a process he calls “Idea Farming.”

Factors involved in bring the ideas to fruition:

Dulin's Barnyard Analogy

Seed = Idea
Soil = Market
Fertilizer = Capital Investment
Farmers = Manager(s) plural
Water = Sweat/Luck
Fence = Legal Protection
Weather = Competitive Climate

Note “managers” are always plural, a reflection of the many different types of managers needed in The Idea Farming process: Inventors, Financial Managers, Marketing Managers, Production, Human Resource Managers, Service, etc. This is why the best start-ups involve complementing teams of people, each having different skills, and together complimenting each other. It is very rare that an Inventor is also good at finance, marketing, general business management, etc.

The water for growing ideas comes from the hard work sweat of the entrepreneurial team, and it is typical that the “luckiest” are those that work the hardest. They make their own business “luck.”

Mr. Dulin would be happy to discuss this in greater detail with any client interested in exploring the wonderful world of intellectual property.

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