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Patent Number (click to access patent in PDF format): Inventor Title
9,358,679 Maes Mobile Work Station
9,347,237 Rapelje Quick-Disconnect Soft Bait Fishing Lure
9,301,340 Ragay et al IR Conveyor furnace Having Single Belt with Multiple Independently Controlled Processing Lanes
9,038,441 Downing High Speed Helium Leak Detection System and Method
8,829,396 Rey Garcia et al. Finger Drives for IR Wafer Processing Equipment Conveyors and Lateral Differential Temperature Profile Methods
8,828,776 Parks et al Diffusion Furnaces Employing Ultra Low Mass Transport Systems and Methods of Wafer Rapid Diffusion Processing
8,816,253 Parks et al Dual Independent Transport Systems for IR Conveyor Furnaces and Methods of Firing This Work Pieces
8,746,536 Uecker Weld Stress Compensation System
8,742,532 Rey Garcia et al Dopant Applicator System and Method of Applying Vaporized Doping Compositions to PV Solar Wafers
8,714,383 Corson Compound Bung for Wine and Spirits Barrels
8,702,471 Lyman Wearable, Combined Garment and Mastectomy Prothesis
8,571,396 Ragay et al Rapid Thermal Firing IR Conveyor Furnace Having High Intensity Heating Section
8,508,079 Corrado et al Energy Conserving Charger Controller, Circuitry and Method
D685,387 Deng Folding Pocket Stand
8,424,503 Harbert Enclosed Rocker Arm Cover Assembly for Hemi Engines Having Internal Multi-coil Mounting Studs
8,357,137 Yandell Bung Assembly for Anti Vacuum Lock Medical Vials
8,344,290 Hinton, Kinney Spray Bottle Fluid Heating System Having Thermostatic Control and Automatic Condensate Recovery
8,280,932 Horn Computer System For Automatic Organization, Indexing and Viewing of Information From Multiple Sources
8,277,144 Bayley Articulated Handle Adapter for Float Dressing Concrete Flatwork
8,242,667 Gruber Fold and Spiral CFL Bulb Safety Cups, Diffusion Covers and Shade Assemblies
8,281,969 Schmidlkofer Equipment Rack for Trailers
8,236,596 Parks Diffusion Furnaces Employing Ultra Low Mass Transport Systems and Methods of Wafer Rapid Diffusion Processing
8,092,223 Sharp Educational, Personalizable, Multi-Sensory Learning Aid
8,068,023 Dulin, et al. System for Maintaining Security of Evidence Throughout Chain of Custody
8,061,332 Harbert Fuel Rail and Wiring Harness Management Assembly
8,055,692 Horn Computer System for Automatic Organization, Indexing and Viewing of Information from Multiple Sources
8,054,160 Corrado, et al. RFID Tag Power Conservation System and Method
8,039,289 Parks, et al. Diffusion Furnaces Employing Ultra Low Mass Transport Systems and Methods of Wafer Rapid Diffusion Processing
7,984,683 Hupy Compound Displacement Wave Form Hull Designed for Green Vessels
7,982,601 Corrado, et al. Multi-Modal Active RFID Tag with Biometric Sensors, Systems and Methods of ITV Tracking
7,979,193 Harbert Even Fire 90°V12 IC Engines, Fueling and Firing Sequence Controllers, and Methods of Operation by PS/P Technology and IFR Compensation by Fuel Feed Controller
7,942,124 Harbert Exposed Coil Rocker Arm Cover Assembly Having External Multi-Coil Mounting Bracket
7,887,528 Yandell Vial Assembly and Method for Reducing Nosocomial Infections
7,840,619 Horn Computer System for Automatic Organization, Indexing and Viewing of Information from Multiple Sources
7,805,064 Ragay, et al. Rapid Thermal Firing IR Conveyor Furnace Having High Intensity Heating Section
7,789,871 Yandell Vial Assembly and Method for Reducing Nosocomial Infections
7,789,079 Harbert Rocker Arm Cover Assembly having Internal Multi-coil Mounting Plate
7,618,408 Yandell Vial Assembly and Method for Reducing Nosocomial Infections
7,563,271 Howard Breathing Aid Device That Decreases Incidence of Snoring
7,559,168 Wisecup et al. Scope and Action Cover for Handguns and Rifles
7,516,507 Oxsen et al. Integrated Megasonic Cascade Scrubber Module and Process
7,509,274 Kam et al. Internet-Based System for Identification, Measurement and Ranking of Investment Portfolio Management, and Operation of a Fund Supermarket, Including "Best Investor" Managed Funds.
D574853 ABEAR Rocker Arm Cover
7,482,928 Brackmann, et al. Mini Pallet-Box Moving Container
7,427,417 Jendrucko Aromatherapy Delivery System
7,460,020 Reyes Computer-enabled, Networked, Facility Emergency Notification, Management and Alarm System
7,398,889 McNulty Rotating Barrel Storage System
7,350,488 ABEAR Rocker Arm Cover
7,295,108 Corrado Active RFID Tag Utilizing a Secondary Communication Mode
7,277,018 Reyes/Thompson Computer-Enabled, Networked, Facility Emergency Notification, Management and Alarm System
7,275,063 Horn Computer System For Automatic Organization, Indexing and Viewing of Information From Multiple Sources
7,178,363 Lagardere Illuminated and Fragrance-Releasing Jewelry Device
D539,571 Cronin Ball and Claw Bed Boot
7,175,548 McNulty Universal, Position-Adjustable Backstop Net System
7,172,105 Maes Apparatus for Positioning Pipe and Tubing
7,162,765 Xyratex Seal System for Irrigated Scrubber Mandrel Assembly
7,160,172 Xyratex Multi-station Disk Finishing Apparatus and Method
7,159,496 Maes Portable Vice and Saw Combination
7,089,203 Crookshanks Building Construction Bid and Contract Management System, Internet-Based Method and Computer Program Therefor
7,059,819 PPSS Private Pallet-Box Cargo Shipping System
7,048,638 Novotny Constant Force Golf Swing Training Device, Method of Swing Plane Training and Internet Operation Thereof
7,044,338 Roden Aerosol Product Dispenser System
7,028,844 Nelson Dried Lavender Flower Separator System & Method
7,011,214 PPSS Private Pallet-Box Cargo Shipping System (parent)
7,011,123 Peterson Block Hoist
D515,278 Jendrucko Pet Bandana
6,990,914 Canan Movable Quilting Work Area System and Method
6,981,377 H & R System and Method for Generation of Electricity and Power from Waste Heat and Solar Sources
6,980,210 TBK 3D Stereo Real-Time Sensor System, Method and Computer Program Therefor
6,978,590 Graham Lawn Mower Blade Improvement
6,935,937 Port Tool Grinding Jig
6,922,622 Bosch
Hot Vehicle Safety System and Methods of
Preventing Passenger Entrapment and Heat
6,916,997 Thakur Weight Sensors Having Centralized Loose Tolerance Universal Force and Mx/My Moments Overload Stops
6,912,886 Maes Bending Apparatus for Pipe and Tubing
6,910,560 Dulin Dual Access Luggage With Orthogonal Isolation Packing Stowage-Cell System
6,895,722 Ponder/Icosa Village Folding Structural Panel Unit
6,782,332 Seip & Watts Ultrasound Transducer Temperature Compensation Methods, Apparatus and Programs
6,729,040 Oliver Apparatus and Method for Drying a Substrate Using Hydrophobic and Polar Organic Compounds
6,714,837 Brackmann et al. Coupon Applicator and Methods of Applying Coupon Strips to Grocery Carts
6,633,475 Thiele High Side Supply Shut Down Circuit
6,566,544 Waymouth et al. Catalysts for Thermoplastic Elastomeric Olefin Polymers
6,559,262 Waymouth, et al. High Melting Thermoplastic Alpha-Olephin Polymers (PRE/EPE Effect) and Catalysts Therefor
6,518,378 Waymouth, et al. High Melting Polyolephin Copolymer Elastomers, Catalysts and Methods of Synthesis
6,479,685 Waymouth, et al. Metallocene Catalysts for Synthesis of High-melting Polyolefin Copolymer Elastomers
6,470,286 Seip, et al. Ultrasound Transducer Temperature Compensation Methods, Apparatus and Programs
6,431,592 Seip Linear Ultrasound Transducer Array for an Automotive Occupancy Sensor System
6,390,892 Klicpera Method and Device for Non-Circular Contour Milling with a Conical Grinding Wheel
6,380,341 Waymouth, et al. Ethylene Copolymers with Narrow Composition Dsitribution and High Melting Temperatures, and Methods of Production Thereof
6,380,125 Waymouth, et al. Catalysts for the Synthesis of Alternating Ethylene/Alpha-olefin Copolymers
6,353,529 Cies Z-Configuration Structure for Computers, Scanners, and Communications and Video Devices
6,318,697 Corrado et al. AOS Sensor Mirror Mount Assembly
6,314,380 Seip et al. Ultrasound Transducer Temperature Compensation Methods, Apparatus and Programs
6,272,411 Corrado et al. Method of Operating a Vehicle Occupancy State Sensor System
6,266,593 Seip et al. Automotive Occupancy Sensor Gray Zone Neural Net Conditionning Process for Airbag Deployment Systems
6,184,317 Waymouth, et al. Catalysts and Processes for the Synthesis of Alternating Ehylene/.alpha.-olefin Copolymers, and Isotactic Copolymers Thereof
6,169,151 Waymouth et al. High-melting polyolefin copolymer elastomers, catalysts and methods of synthesis
6,160,064 Waymouth et al. Ethylene Enhancement of Processes for Synthesis of High Melting Thermoplastic Elastomeric a-Olefin Polymers (PRE/EPE Effects)
6,103,000 Custer Polyphenolic Surfactant Compositions as Universal Bitumen/Water Emulsifiers
6,090,218 Brackmann, et al. Incentive Coupon-Based System and Apparatus for Treating Shopping Carts
6,077,025 Budd et al. Pivoting Safety Barrier for Wheelchair Lift
6,065,924 Budd et al. Wheelchair Lift Platform Having Internal Gas Spring Deployment from Stowage System
6,062,969 Klicpera Grinding Wheel with Spiral Grooved Face
6,051,331 Spear, Jr. et al. Fuel Cell Platelet Separators Having Coordinate Features
6,026,340 Corrado et al. Automotive Occupant Sensor System and Method of Operation by Sensor Fusion
5,975,830 Goodrich et al. Under Floor Wheelchair Lift
5,964,065 Migurski et al. Advanced Surgical Suite for Trauma Casualties (AZTEC)
5,956,877 Raasch et al. Collectible Commemorative Display Ticket Containing Film Clip
5,901,723 Ames Security Cane with Pepper Spray Dispenser
5,863,671 Spear, Jr. et al. Plastic Platelet Fuel Cells Employing Integrated Fluid Management
5,860,674 Corrado AOS Fan Modulation Systems
5,858,567 Spear, Jr. et al. Fuel Cells Employing Integrated Fluid Management Platelet Technology
5,855,735 Takada et al. Process for Recovering Substrates
5,841,800 Davenport Desktop medical laser generator
5,836,483 Disel Self-Regulating Fluid Dispensing Cap with Safety Pressure Relief Valve for Dental/Medical Unit Fluid Bottles
5,807,977 Malik et al. Polymers and Prepolymers from Mono-Substituted Fluorinated Oxetane Monomers
5,806,632 Budd et al. Spring Assist System for Gravity Deployment of Stowed Platform Wheelchair Lifters
5,799,474 Ingram Baby Greens Harvester
5,798,518 Coleman et al. Medical Laser Calibration System and Method
5,758,615 Kreuter Arrangement for Vibration Compensation in a Reciprocating-Piston Internal-Combustion Engine
5,550,976 Henderson et al. Decentralized Distributed Asynchronous Object Oriented System and Method for Electronic Data Management, Storage, and Communication
5,524,952 Czech et al. Semi-Ambulatory Companion Seating System and Method
5,482,314 Corrado et al. Automotive Occupant Sensor System and Method of Operation by Sensor Fusion
5,476,379 Disel Illumination System and Connector Assembly for a Dental Handpiece
5,421,304 Gibtner et al. Internal Combustion Engine Knock Control System Apparatus and Method
5,413,332 Montgomery Eggball
5,411,308 Kreis et al. Girder Assembly for a Light Alloy Motor Vehicle Body
5,407,476 Shuey et al. Quebracho/Surfactant Compositions as Universal Bitumen/Water Emulsifiers
5,401,308 Shuey et al. Quebracho-Modified Bitumen Compositions, Method of Manufacture and Use
5,385,383 Kreis et al. Door Pillar for Passenger Car Coachwork
5,372,400 Enning et al. Welded Joint Between Substantially Mutually Perpendicular Supporting Frame Components of a Vehicle Bodywork
5,363,872 Lorimer Low Particulate Slit Valve System and Method for Controlling Same
5,346,275 Enning et al. Rear End of a Vehicle Body
5,344,775 Smith Synthesis of Taxanes in Culture Using Pseudocalluscells
5,336,932 Barske Method for Controlling a Generator
5,330,228 Krebs, Dulin Safety Restraint for Motor Vehicles
5,312,315 Mortensen et al. Pneumatic Variable Resistance Rehabilitation/Therapy Apparatus
5,297,302 Anderson Hammock Stand
5,285,827 Gonzalez-Miller et al. Degassing and Decapping Apparatus
5,279,953 Stahlhut In Vivo Production of Taxanes
5,273,761 Kim et al. Method and Composition for Insect Control
5,261,779 Goodrich Dual Hydraulic Parallelogram Arm Wheelchair Lift
5,257,703 Ascik et al. Vertically Expandable Merchandise Display Stand
5,246,273 Rosar Method and Apparatus for Solution Mining
5,228,804 Balch Method and Apparatus for Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soil Remediation
5,226,558 Whitney et al. Transportable Multi-Use Storage Container and Pallet System
5,204,048 Rider et al. Method for Making a Bundle of Helical Tubes and Apparatus for Separating Impurities from a Polluted Liquid
5,199,795 Russo et al. Packaging for Shipment and Containment of Hazardous Wastes
5,180,275 Czech et al. Rotary Bus Lift with Power Stowable Platform
5,176,553 Tuttle Sailboard Fin Box Adapter
5,174,344 Gonzolez-Miller et al. Aerosol Can Recycling Apparatus
5,164,998 Reinsch Apparatus and Method for Image Pattern Analysis
5,156,041 Schäper et al. Method and Apparatus for Determining Permeation Behavior of Foreign Molecules Through Solids
5,142,161 Brackmann Hand-Held Optical Scanner and Highlighter
5,134,661 Reinsch Method of Capture and Analysis of Digitized Image Data
5,098,481 Monlux Soil Remediation Process and System
5,083,122 Clark Programmable Individualized Security System for Door Locks
5,082,586 Hooper SOxNOxPollution Control Composition
5,080,225 Russo et al. Universal Diagnostic Sample Packaging Tray and Pouch
5,076,490 Dulin Combination Index Card/Post Card
5,067,529 Gonzolez-Miller et al Aerosol Can Recycling Apparatus and Methods
5,063,376 Chang Numeric Mouse One Hand Controllable Computer Peripheral Pointing Device
5,055,397 Michaels et al. Geomicrobiological Methods of Ore and Petroleum Exploration
5,050,924 Hansen Expandable Tarpaulin Assembly
5,025,964 Phirippidis Universal Modular Catalog and Samples Organizer for Vehicles
5,002,741 Hooper Method for SOxNOx Pollution Control Composition
4,999,209 Gnekow Low and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Produced by Simultaneous Double Reverse Osmosis
4,997,997 Moore Coiled Article Retainer Assembly
4,997,000 Feast et al. Wetsuit Washing and Drying Assembly and Method
4,996,043 Adamich-Saltman Advanced Equine Hoof Preparation
4,981,124 Sellner et al. Method of Operating a Knock-Controlled Internal Combustion Engine
4,972,529 Wolfson Jr. Protective Blanket for a Solar Pool Cover
4,971,210 Blumenkranz et al. Clamshell-Type Closet Rod Spacer Unit
4,970,746 Brackmann Golf Ball Washer
4,959,466 White Partially Esterified Polysaccharide (PEP) Fat Substitutes
4,954,324 Hooper Method of Baghouse Brown Plume Pollution Control
4,951,832 Tenney et al. Multi-Functional Space Saving Container System
4,946,311 Rosar et al. Co-Disposal Pollution Control Methods II
4,937,772 Chavez et al. Microcomputer-Implemented Method and Apparatus for Aiding Bowlers
4,934,393 Lighthall et al Spray Gun Cleaning Apparatus
4,908,194 Hooper Method for Baghouse Brown Plume Pollution Control
4,901,737 Toone Method and Therapeutic Apparatus for Reducing Snoring
4,888,189 Gnekow Simultaneous Double Reverse Osmosis Process for Production of Low and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
4,876,277 Burke et al. Antimicrobial/Antifungal Compositions
4,861,613 White et al. Non-Digestible Fat Substitutes of Low-Caloric Value
4,846,950 Yao et al. Cyclic Controlled Electrolysis Apparatus
4,844,915 Hooper Method for ESP Brown Plume Control
4,843,994 Wilson et al. Boat Fender Cover and Hanger Assembly
4,839,924 Laurence Shooter’s Hat Having Flexible Side Blinder Attachments
4,815,790 Rosar et al. Nahcolite Solution Mining Process
4,751,830 Cheng Push-Button Padlock with Secondary Key
4,681,324 Karabed et al. Holographic Game Cards
4,669,812 Hoebing Method and Apparatus for 3-D Image Synthesis
4,664,584 Braun et al. Rotary Wheelchair Lift
4,663,006 Yao et al. Cyclic Controlled Electrolysis
4,643,381 Levy Dashboard Tray
4,558,074 Torbus Mould material binding agent system which cold-hardens with formation of polyurethane
4,556,253 Geneve et al. Disposable Chair
4,523,491 Dittman Jr. Motorcycle Transmission Featuring Reverse Gear
4,456,277 Carpenter Tricycle
4,449,602 Dittman Jr. Rear Suspension and Storage Box for a Three-Wheel Motorcycle
D273,922 Geneve et al. Disposable Chair
4,435,125 Cook Wind Turbine Spindle Assembly with Spindle Constraint
4,429,217 Hill et al. Verifying Insertion System and Apparatus
4,397,253 Uecker, et al. Rope Cleat Teeth Structure
4,396,512 Beauman et al. Bacteriostatic Filter Media
4,350,895 Cook Wind Turbine and Method for Power Generation
4,341,452 Korling Triaxial Universal Camera Mount
4,308,986 Parrilli Tuck Box with Header Card
4,304,672 McCue Stored Blood and Liquid System pH Control Method and Apparatus
4,294,891 Yao et al. Intemittently Refuelable Implantable Bio-Oxidant Fuel Cell
4,238,482 Peyman et al. Intraocular Infusion Irrigation Solution and Method
4,215,813 Hill et al. Embossed Character Reader
4,202,331 Yale Skin Graft Pressure Pad
4,194,685 Hill et al. Verifying Insertion System Apparatus and Method of Operation
4,138,191 Peyman et al. Operating Microscope with Two Pairs of Stereo Eye-Piece Lenses
4,135,677 Warczak Pneumatic Shafts, Chucks and Lifts for Roll Stock
4,123,361 Marschman Lint Filter Assembly
4,109,383 Reed et al. Dental Implant Bender
4,096,871 Vlahakis Drain Opening Method
4,034,063 Rosar et al. Process for Control of SOx Emissions from Copper Smelter Operations
3,994,799 Yao et al. Blood and Tissue Detoxification Apparatus
3,984,312 Dulin et al. Process for Insolubilizing Potentially Water Polllutable Wastes from Sodium or Ammonium Type Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution Control systems
3,973,734 Rosar, et al. Froth Flotation Process
3,964,419 Uecker Anti-Fouling Roller Furling Gear Upper Assembly
3,421,680 Cohee Dispensing Containers and Blanks Therefor

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