About Innovation Law Group

Firm Overview

          Innovation Law Group Ltd. is a specialty Intellectual Property law firm, advising clients on strategic issues arising from the legal implications of technological innovations as fundamental business assets.

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          What it is we do for you: Underlying our Intellectual Property Law, legal and business consulting services is the insight that “Ideas Are Assets™”. Ideas are classified as intangible property and may be bare concepts for new products, services or business ideas, sketches or rough prototypes. Intangible ideas are the starting point for, and ultimately become, innovations. To protect them against misappropriation (a nice word for theft) they need to be made tangible, and dealings with others requires establishing fair dealing ground rules: A proprietary rights non-disclosure agreement with a defined, restricted purpose that requires the recipient (the other guys) to acknowledge your ownership rights, not compete against you using your rights, not file for patent on your ideas or a derivative of them, and to not circumvent you in any development of them.

          ILG’s services involve Transforming Ideas Into Assets™. That is the essence of our legal services: We Transform (intangible) Ideas Into (tangible, transferable and licensable) Assets. Along the way you may start a business, or already have an existing business, in which case the assets would be assets of the business, and our services cover Transforming Ideas Into Business Assets®.

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