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Announcement to Clients

    After some 58 eventful years in the Intellectual Property field, I have gotten serious about winding down my law practice. I have enjoyed working with creative people during that span and am proud of the patents, trademarks and copyrights secured for clients over the years. I have lost count but feel sure it is over 800 patents, 500+ trademarks and 50+ Intellectual Property litigation cases.

    The immediate effect is that we will be limiting our work to two aspects: First, we will see to conclusion pending patent and trademark cases of existing clients; that is, we have no intention of abandoning you mid-stream and will work diligently to see them through. Second, we will not take on new patent and trademark application drafting and prosecution work.

    If you are an existing client, and you have a follow-on case, we may make an exception, but as a most likely option, we will help you locate competent counsel with whom you may be able to work. Of course, if you wish to transfer your pending cases to other counsel at this time, that is your right, and we will cooperate in the transfer.

    Fortunately, this wind-down is not a case of illness or any substantial loss of mental acuity (at least that I am aware-of). Rather, while I remain hopeful, to date we have not found a suitable person in our area to take over our practice. Also there a number of things on my Bucket List that I still consider important and would like to get around-to. Often, regrettably, I have been at the beck and call of client matters and have neglected life and loved ones. Since I've no idea, and no one does, how many grains of sand there are left in the hour glass of my life, it behooves me to make the change now. Rumors are that you can’t accomplish your Bucket List after you Kick the Bucket. I don’t aim to test that. And I have a lot of clean-ups to do, so my beloved wife of 40+ years doesn’t just chuck my carcass and accumulated junk out the door. I value her love and companionship more than the formal job.

    Should you need to reach us, our new number is 360-809-0536 and our e-mail stays the same: Dulin@InnovationLaw.com. We can be reached via mail at P.O. Box 3386, Sequim, WA 98382. Thanks for your trust and faith in us for almost 6 full decades.

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