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          Innovation Law Group, Ltd. counsels individuals and companies on all aspects of federal Intellectual Property law and strategy, including: protection of ideas, inventions and new products through US and foreign patents; company “Intellectual Property Health” checkups; the protection of trade secrets through proactive policies and confidentiality agreements; the establishment and protection of trade names, trademarks and service marks; advertising and promotion law and protection and maximizing the value of artists’, authors’ and photographers’ creative works through copyrights, the rights of publicity and permissions and business counseling/consulting.

          ILG provides business counseling services primarily related to new product and processes, innovation and business start-ups. Technically, ILG has a wide range of capability including: mechanical devices; electro-mechanical and electronic systems; solar cell processing equipment; communication systems; biotech apparatus and processing systems; chemical and biochemical processes; products and therapeutic compositions; catalysts and polymer chemistry; environmental remediation and pollution control systems; industrial equipment; tools; computer programs and Internet-based business methods.

          In addition, ILG offers a wide range of legal and business consulting to artists, authors and photographers in the fields of fine arts and crafts. ILG also has expertise in advertising and promotions matters.

          ILG has represented clients in many cases involving litigation related to creative rights and complex technical issues including strategic counseling in and management of patent litigation, mediation of trademark and copyright disputes, industrial equipment warranty litigation, copyright infringement and deceptive acts and practices cases against out-of-state, TV-promoted invention developers.

          We have advised clients for more than 20 years that Ideas are Assets. This insight is graphically stated in our flash page, where rotating, meshing gears illustrate the active inter-relationship and equivalency of Ideas to Assets. ILG provides professional services, honed by years of experience, in strategically perfecting Intellectual Property rights, enforcing the IP rights of clients and a full suite of IP business transaction services. Collectively, those services embody the process of “Transforming Ideas Into Assets™,” that is, we “Transform Ideas Into Assets™.” In short, the legal and business consulting ILG has been providing to clients for over 40 years is clearly stated in its service mark slogan: “Transforming Ideas Into Business Assets®”.

          ILG’s clients are not confined to the Olympic Peninsula area, but include regional and nationally-based clientele. ILG’s location on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Northwest Washington State is by choice, for quality of life, yet it is easily electronically accessible at www.innovationlaw.com to provide sophisticated, experienced IP legal services on a par with the big cities, but at far better rates. Our clients don’t really care where we are, so long as we have a fast, accessible electronic address.

Our Experience is Your Competitive Advantage®

Transforming Ideas Into Assets® is what we do

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