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7-2-16 Innovation in Action - Sequim Inventors Awarded Patents
Several PRs as published in the Sequim Gazette on 8-1-12
7-23-12 TP Solar, Inc. Patents Low Mass Transport Systems
7-23-12 Area Inventor Receives US Patent on “StickyPath” App
7-18-12 RFID Tag Power Conservation System Receives US Patent
7-16-12 Camaraderie Cellars Commercializes HiTech Wine Barrel Bung
7-16-12 Fuel Rail and Wiring Harness Management Assembly Patented
7-10-12 Patent on Float Adapter for Concrete Flatwork
7-10-12 Patent on "Stradlrac" Equipment Rack for Construction Trailers
2-20-12 Write Way to Learn® Educational, Personalizable, Multi-Sensory Learning Aid 7-19-11 Compound Wave Form Displacement Hull Design for Green Vessels Patented
7-15-11 Area company receives US Patent on V12 Engine
5-19-11 Area company receives US Patent on Automotive Rocker Arm Cover
4-22-11 Local Doctor Yandell Receives Third Patent for Vacuum-Break Vial Assemblies That Reduce Hypodermic Acquired Infections
4-22-11 Sequim’s Bling Canes Secures Federal Registration of BLING® Trademark
9-14-10 Area company receives US Patent on Rocker Arm Cover Assembly having internal multi-coil mounting plate.
9-14-10 Dr. Yandell receives 2nd patent for Vial Assembly and Method for Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections
05-13-10 Dr. Yandell to receive 2nd patent for Vial Assembly
Frame Rail Supported Drive Train Jack - Advertising Flyer
11-17-09 Yandell Vial Assembly Patent - Article: Yandell_News_Article.pdf
10-07-09 Jacques Dulin and Innovation Law Group Article - Page 1, Page 2
7-29-09 Isothermal Machining Systems Patent
7-28-09 Isothermal Machining Systems International Filings
7-28-09 NetScanTools Trademark
7-07-09 Middlepoint Trading Company Gun Boonie Patent
7-02-09 Breathing Aid Device Patent
4-17-09 Hard Drive Disk Cleaning Patent
8-07-08 Lavender Capital of North America Trademark - Article: SLGA_news_article_8-10-08.pdf
7-23-08 Olympic Cellars Dungeness Trademark - Article: Olympic_Cellars_TM_article.pdf
7-17-08 Dogdotcalm Bandana Patent - Article: Dogdotcalm_patent.pdf
7-08-08 IAS Trademark - Article: IAS_Fast_Alert_Emerg_Mgmt.pdf
7-01-08 McNulty Barrell Patent - Article: McNulty_Barrell_storage.pdf
8-9-06 ILG Innovation Marketplace PR - Article: Marketplace_Press_Release.pdf
5-15-08 Lallone Trademark - Article: Lallone_Trademark_Article.pdf
5-25-06 Roden Nozzle Patent - Article: Aerosol_Nozzle_Improvement.pdf
5-14-08 Hupy Trademarks - Article: Hupy_Trademark_Article.pdf
5-31-06 ILG Certified to use USPTO's Electronic Filing System - Article: Electronic_Filing.pdf
5-25-06 Peterson Log Hoist Patent - Article: Log_Splitting_Block_Hoist.pdf
4-18-06 Graham Lawn Mower Blade Patent - 6-7-06 Article: Graham's_Plug-B-Gone.pdf
4-12-06 Dulin Joins Round Table Group - Article: Dulin_Round_Table_Release.pdf
3-03-05 Donation of Nolo Press Books to Library System - Article: Book_Donation.pdf
12-26-04 The 3 Crabs Restaurant Trademark - Article: Three_Crabs_TM.pdf
8-24-04 Sequim Gazette - Patents Protect Ideas: Patents_2004.pdf
10-2003 Patent Prior to Publicity Prudent - Article: Provisional_Applications.pdf
8-20-03 Nelson Lavender Separator Patent - Article: Lavender_Separator.pdf
10-9-02 Sequim Gazette Article about Jacques Dulin: Patents_2002.pdf

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